How is July almost over? Can someone answer that for me? Seriously, that means we only have 3 more states to visit before heading back to North Carolina. Time is going by so, so fast!

This past week was another good one. We are both loving Montana. AND Luke was able to fix the generator, which is a relief for two reasons: we can go back to boondocking in the heat because we can run the AC for the dogs, and two, I don’t have to stress about the RV catching on fire. Yay!

Visit Flathead Lake, Montana

We spent part of this week outside of Missoula at Beavertail Campground and the past few days in Kalispell (in between Flathead Lake and Glacier National Park). Here’s what we’ve been up to:

Fly fishing in Missoula, Montana
I caught my first Montana trout on fly.

We woke up decently early one morning and drove up the road to Clearwater River to fly fish. The spot we originally wanted to go was blocked off due to a wildfire. Once we arrived to the river, we started walking looking for a “fishy” area. We casted at a few different spots without any luck.

We walked a little further, and finally, Luke saw a fish hit the top. I’d like to say it was my fly fishing skills that caught the fish, but Luke walked down a little further so I could cast in the spot we knew the fish were eating.

After a few hits, I finally hooked the little rainbow trout and reeled him in. We fished for a bit longer, and then headed back to the RV to get some work done.

RVing in Missoula, Montana
Making friends on the road.

We pretty much take any chance we have to hang out with people. Luke mom’s reminded us that a couple who went to their church in Wilmington had moved to Missoula a few years ago, so we were fortunate enough to connect with them.

They showed us around downtown Missoula and took us to Sweet Peaks. Yall, they some delicious ice cream and gluten-free cones. That’s a win. They have a few locations in Montana, so check it out!

Later in the week, they came over for dinner. Luke smoked a pork shoulder – it was great. Plus, it’s been good for leftovers on nachos.

Overnight Parking Lot RV Camping
Parking lot camping in Montana.

We left Missoula to head north to Flathead Lake. After running errands, filling up propane and gas, we were a little late getting on the road. Unfortunately, all the state parks around Flathead Lake were full. Since it was already kinda late, we decided we would parking lot camp.

Typically, this is a bit of a disappointment (and not having the view of the lake was a bummer), but we were surrounded by Ulta, Petsmart, Cabela’s, Hobby Lobby, Wal-mart, Chick-fil-a and Costco. All places that had been on our list for a while to pick up certain things. So, while it’s not the ideal camping spot, we were able to knock a lot off of our to-do list.

Boondockers Welcome stay, again!

We are loving Boondockers Welcome, if you haven’t noticed. After our night in the parking lot, we moved over to a Boondockers Welcome spot in Kalispell. Our hosts are (again) great and just love having people stay at their place. There’s another full-time RV couple here, and we’ve all sat outside together the past couple of nights talking about our adventures.

The best part… they insisted we let our dogs run around off leash. Lately, it’s rare that we’re able to let them run free. Hudson, Max and Winnie are having the time of their lives running through the field every night. And Luke and I are loving sitting outside sipping wine while they burn off weeks of pent up energy. Can I get a  praise hands emoji?!

Flathead Lake, Montana
Flathead Lake Floating and the Farmer’s Market.

Since we aren’t camping right on Flathead Lake like we originally planned, we haven’t spent as much time there, but we have been able to go float. It’s been particularly hot lately, so taking the floats to the lake made for a great Friday afternoon. Flathead Lake is huge. The water is so pretty and clear. You should definitely add it as a stop on your Montana road trip.

Saturday morning, we visited the Kalispell farmers market. We scored some Huckleberry Jalapeno jam and fresh zucchinis. Going to these local famers markets is my new favorite Saturday morning activity. We love shopping at Costco, but that means you have a lot of a few things. Getting a few different produce items from the farmers market adds some fresh variety. Plus, it’s a great way to experience the local community.

Scoring a camping spot at Glacier.

This morning we off to Glacier National Park to see if we can secure a campsite inside the park. They are first come, first serve, so we’re getting there early. Wish us luck!