Our RV Trip

All about the RV Trip

Welcome! We’re Luke and Laura. We’re learning to simplify, so we can chase our calling while full-time RVing with our three pups. Want to know about us? Head over to the about page.

Here to learn more about our RV trip? We’re glad you’re here! Keep reading.

When we finally decided to make this RV trip and full-time RV living thing happen, we had to figure out how long we wanted to travel, how we would make it all work, and where exactly we where wanted to go.

The Duration of Our RV Trip

Deciding how long we wanted to travel for wasn’t the easiest decision, but we knew wanted to be home for the Holidays. After doing some research on Yosemite, which would be our first extended stop, we decided May was the time to embark. (Tire chains for snow are no longer required!)

Visiting Yosemite RV Road Trip

Leaving in May gave us plenty of time to find renters for our house, hire people to work for Luke’s business while we’re gone, and get the RV and our pull-behind car ready to go cross country. Prepping to full-travel in an RV is no joke. It’s moving out of a house, selling/giving away a bunch of things, storing what you don’t sell, getting jobs/businesses in order, moving into a new “house” and so on. It was a stressful few months, but 100% worth it!

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Our RV trip will be a little under 7 months, and then we will continue to live full-time in the RV until May 2018. At that point, the lease will be up on our house, so we can decide our next move. Right now, we plan to continue living in the RV and renting out our house. But if we’ve learned anything in this first month of RV living, it’s to hold your plan loosely because you never know what magical (or broken down) thing is around the next turn. So for 7 months, we’re on the road exploring, fishing, hiking and working.

Our Business Venture(s)

Part of what we love about full-time RVing is the freedom and opportunity to explore the country and make our own schedules, but life ain’t free. For that reason alone, not working is not an option. However, we are both lucky enough to have jobs that we truly enjoy and don’t feel like work.

simple venture fishing

Part of our purpose of our trip is expand our outdoor gear brand, FAER Supply, to the west coast. As we travel, we visit local fly shops and outdoor stores to sell to retailers. Thankfully, Luke and I enjoy working together and have different skill sets, so it works!

But what’s been even more exciting now that we’re on the road…

Before full-time RV living, I worked for a company doing marketing and would do the “side hustle” thing designing logos, building simple websites, and creating marketing plans. Now that we’re on the road, I’ve taken on more clients, especially start-ups and small businesses, who need help creating a brand and launching a marketing plan.

Since Luke has started to company himself – managing the business-side as well as building engaging brands social media, we’ve been able to team up to build and manage our clients’ marketing and branding, so they can focus on their business.

Full-time travel and RV living is what we feel called to do at this point in life, but being able to help other people live out their dream to launch or grow their business venture has given this trip a whole new meaning.

That’s what we’re doing, but where are we going? 

The RV Trip Route

When planning our RV trip we knew we wanted to visit a good mix of National Parks and fun cities. Since we both grew up on the east coast, we were ready to explore the west. We started making notes and pinning places we definitely wanted to visit. Once we narrowed down our list and made a tentative plan of how long we would stay at each location, we used Good Sam’s Trip Planner to make our route. You do have to be a Good Sam’s member to use the trip planner, but we’ve found the savings with Good Sam’s to be worth the membership fee.

The Simple Venture RV Trip Route

The main stops (as of now) are The Grand Canyon; California: Napa, Yosemite, San Fran, Redding, Redwood National Park; Oregon: Bend, Portland; Washington: Olympic National Park, Seattle, Spokane; Idaho: Coeur d’Alene; Montana: Missoula, Glacier National Park, Bozeman; Wyoming: Yellowstone National Park, Jackson; Utah: Zion National Park; Colorado: Colorado Springs, Boulder, Denver, Rocky Mountain National Park; and finally South Dakota: Badlands and Mount Rushmore.

Let’s Be Friends

If you live near any of the places we’re visiting and would like to grab a beer (or wine or coffee or kombucha – we’re not picky) or you know of some great fly fishing places, let us know. Full-time RV travel is great, and we love getting to hang out with new people.

simple venture RV trip meet

If you’re full-time RVing or thinking about it, leave us a comment or message us on Instagram. We’d love to meet up if our paths cross or help answer any full-time RV questions you may have. Taking the leap to leave my job, transition Luke’s business, and travel full-time in an RV with three dogs was no easy decision, but we aren’t looking back – at least not yet. Keep in touch with our ventures by signing up for our email updates on the right.

Update 6/24

As it goes with RV life, we have already modified the route. We decided to skip San Fran and the Redwoods and stayed in Bend longer than we had planned. We’re currently outside of Olympic National Park with some RV issues that need to be repaired before we journey on, so we will probably have to modify the route again. (or at least the number of days we stay at the next few places).

But if we’re going to be stuck somewhere, I’m glad it’s here. The RV is perfectly positioned near the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean plus we’ll get a few more days in Olympic.

UPDATE: we’re no longer stuck. The journey continues…

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