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Favorite Boondocking Spots

There’s nothing better than camping for free right by the entrance of National Parks.

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Travel Themed Instagram Story Highlight Graphics

Let's start by stating the obvious: we love Instagram. When traveling full-time, you miss out on things back home and need an easy way to connect with other full-time travelers. We found Instagram to be the easiest way to do that. Instagram Stories allow you to share...

The Ultimate South Dakota Road Trip

Our South Dakota road trip was nothing short of amazing. Honestly, I didn't know much about South Dakota before full-time RVing, but now it's one state we will definitely visit again. When planning our route for the last 7 months, we listed out all the spots we wanted...

Everything You Want to Know about Full-Time Travel

In just over two weeks, we'll be home for the holidays. Hello, fried turkey! Full-time travel has given us the best, craziest, most adventurous 7 months of our lives. While full-time travel, working from the road, digital nomad life, whatever you want to call it is...

Simple Sunday | South Dakota

This week can be summed up as South Dakota is cold. We left our amazing boondocking spot in the Badlands on Monday because the low was going to be in the 20s that night (and we were completely out of water). Good time to stay the night at an RV park. South Dakota...

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