We’re Moving to Puerto Rico


It’s been a whileeeeee since we’ve updated The Simple Venture blog – like had to reset my password because I couldn’t remember it had been so long!

Since we stopped full-time RVing at the end of 2017, we’ve been back home living life with our pups and baby boy, started a business, and doing just a little bit traveling (because ya know, covid). 

What’s next?! Puerto Rico!

We’re moving to Puerto Rico at the beginning of May. We’re very excited for this next adventure. 

Prepping for this move is pretty similar to getting ready for the RV trip – getting rid of a lot of stuff, a yard sale, finding renters for our house, getting work stuff ready for us to be in a new location, etc. Thankfully, having done all this once makes this go around a little easier. 

There’s a handful of things still on the list, but we’re getting close! We’ll keep you updated on the progress. Head over to Instagram to follow along!

– Laura

The Simple Venture | Puerto Rico
The Simple Venture is moving to Puerto Rico