RV life and full-time travel in some ways allow you to slow down, but then some weeks go by in a hurry. At the end of the week, it can be hard to remember to what we did on Monday or even what city we were in. The last thing I want is for this trip to be over and only remember the highlights. Some of the sweetest moments have been the simplest.

Simple Sundays | June 19-25

So, the best thing I can think to do is quick weekly recaps at the end of the week with all the little moments that make up this trip.


We left Bend, OR (one of the best places ever) last Sunday and headed towards Portland. We couldn’t find a free place to camp in the area, which was a bummer, so we decided to stay at Ainsworth State Park. Ainsworth had full hook-ups and showers for $24 a night. While we love dry camping, it was nice to have unlimited electricity and a real shower for the first time in 3 weeks.


Multnomah Waterfall


The waterfalls outside of Portland are amazing. We walked up to Multnomah and Bridal Veil Falls. If you’re in the area, I recommend driving through. It’s a quick hike (really just a walk) to the falls.


Portland International Rose Test Garden

Roses + Tacos 

After the waterfalls, we drove into Portland. Luke tried a donut from Blue Star Donuts, and I grabbed a latte from Barista. Then we drove up to the International Rose Test Garden. It truly smelled like roses. If you’re in Portland, check it out – it’s free!

Then, I had the great idea to go see the Urban Waterfall sculpture. It was weird. I know we were in Portland, so I shouldn’t have been surprised. The sculpture itself is beautiful, but there were so many people standing and swimming in it. I don’t think I even took a picture. I wouldn’t add this to your Portland to-do list.

The tacos, however, should definitely be on your list. A quick “gluten free in Portland” Google search provided several options, and we landed on Por Que No. Be prepared to stand in line for these delicious tacos. Not everything is gluten free, but the staff was extremely knowledge and helpful.

simple venture sunset

Salt Creek Recreation Area

Salty air. Need I say more?

We’re currently parked (aka temporarily broken down) at Salt Creek Recreation Area with an ocean front view. The ocean air feels and smells like home. The view of a rocky shore with Canada in the distance reminds us we’re on the opposite side of the country.

Dinner and drinks on the roof of the RV. Warm days, incredible sunsets, chilly nights. And the best RV neighbors! If we’re going to be stuck somewhere for a few extra days, this is the place to be.


gluten free cupcake at The Blackbird Coffeehouse

Gluten Free Desserts

Celiac doesn’t make life easy, but we’ve managed to make delicious gluten free Butterfinger sugar cookies. On Friday (and again today), we ended up at Blackbird Coffeehouse in Port Angeles to get some work done. I ordered a coffee without even looking at the menu. Very few coffee shops have celiac-safe baked goods. After an hour or so, I looked over at the menu, and to my surprise, they had several gluten free options. Luke and I split this amazing chocolate cupcake with raspberry icing. It. Was. So. Good.


Olympic National Park

Deer. Marmot. Black Bear. Mountain Peaks.

Olympic National Park has so much wildlife! We saw our first bear of the trip, several deer and the cutest marmot stuffing his mouth with food. The trail smelled like a mix of Christmas and wildflowers. The views of the mountain ranges were incredible. We could have stared at the vastness of it all forever.

Next Week

We’re not totally sure what this week will look like. We, well Luke, has to get the brake situation repaired. Hopefully, we will get to explore more of Olympic National Park before making our way to Seattle.

We’d love your suggestions on things we must do in Seattle. There’s so much to try to fit in; it’s hard to decide!