These weekly recap posts are making me realize just how quickly time is going! We didn’t have an exact plan for this past week, but it’s still been a pretty great week – just really hot outside (and inside the RV)!

Fly fishing in Idaho
We had an RV Houseguest.

This past week was a lot of fun. One of our friends, Hunter, flew into Spokane, WA and stay with us for a few days. We ended up camping at a great BLM campground in Idaho called Huckleberry Campground. The sites are spacious with electric and water hook ups, which was a must due to do the heat.

Fly fishing the St. Joe River in Idaho

The campsite is situated along the St. Joe River with great trout fishing all around. Luke and Hunter fished the whole time we were there. I went out with them for one day and caught the smallest trout I’ve ever seen. He was super cute.

The Simple Venture campfire

We also made fires every night. It was the first time on the trip we made a campfire. It was so nice to eat dinner and hang out by the fire.

Huckleberry Cell Phone Spot

The area however did not have any cell service – like none at all. Thankfully, Luke met a local who knew of a spot 3 miles up a hill that had reception. So we were able to check in once or twice. While it was nice to escape for a few days, it wasn’t realistic to stay there much longer, and we needed to drop Hunter off at the Spokane Airport.

RVing with dogs
Staying with new friends in Spokane.

While we were “stuck” in Port Angeles, we met a great family from Spokane who offered to let us park the RV at their place. Since we still don’t have the parking brake fixed and the part is now being shipped to Spokane, we decided to take them up on the offer.

We are so grateful to have a free place to stay where we can hook up the electricity and turn on the AC for the dogs. Plus this family is great! The kids love hanging out with our dogs in the RV, and they have goats and chickens.

We’ll be here probably until Tuesday when we can get the part delivered and put back in the RV. Hopefully, the parking brake will be good to go once that’s back in. We’re looking forward to exploring the rivers in Spokane and heading to the Coeur d’Alene area this week. It’s been so hot here; we’re ready to jump in the water – even if it’s a lake and not the ocean!