This week marks three months of full-time RVing for Luke and I. To celebrate (if that’s even a thing you celebrate), we bought a drone and are staying at a magical hot spring + RV park combo.

3 Months on the Road

Time is flying by; yet, we’ve seen, experienced and learned so much.

…3 months, 4 National Parks, 5 states and countless memories.

Was the decision to give up our normal life an easy one? Not. at. all. But totally worth it.

In a way, I think we’ve reverted back to what used to be normal. If you travel full-time, I suspect you know what I mean.

We work hard, but we don’t work 24/7. We actually spend time together – imagine that… creating a life that allows you to spend time with the person you committed your life to… crazy! We’re outside, exploring creation. We’re experiencing different cultures that exist right in our own country. And we’re eating a lot of nachos… not a bad life. 🙂

Sure, there are stressful moments and occasionally sleeping in parking lots (only twice), but hey, that’s life on the road! And this week, we’ve found the perfect balance of work and play…

Norris Hot Springs Montana

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Bear Trap Canyon + Ennis Lake

We spent the first half of the week dry camping at Ennis Lake. There are two free campsites on the side of the lake with amazing views of the lake and surrounding canyons. And we had 4 to 5 dots of LTE, so we got a lot of work done! Dry camping + view + free + cell service = a good week of RV life. 

Shower Pouch - Great for Camping

It also means we have limited water, which means limited showers, but I think we’ve found a solution. It’s called The Shower Pouch. It’s basically an all natural wipe (that’s probably 4x the size of a regular wipe) that gets you clean and feeling fresh. We’re pretty excited about this find!

Fishing in Bear Trap Canyon

We were also able to do a little fishing this week. Luke caught a handful of nice rainbow trout and brown trout in Bear Trap Canyon. I just lost a lot of flies.

On Thursday, we moved from Ennis Lake up the road to Norris Hot Springs.

Norris Hot Springs

Just prepare yourself for this recap of our time at Norris Hot Springs because this place is a dream. RV camping (with hook ups), organic garden, hot spring, farm-to-table food, live music on the weekends… what more could you need?

Let’s start with food…

Norris Hot Springs organic garden

Friday morning, we took a tour of the organic garden, which is about 50 yards from our campsite. All of the vegetables and herbs grown in the garden are served onsite at the hot springs, and trust me, you can taste the freshness. Delicious, organic, sustainable, simple (and gluten free) food – right up my alley.

Norris Hot Springs Greenhouse

For food they can’t produce onsite, Norris Hot Spring relies on local farms and ranches in Montana – keeping everything within a 50 mile radius. We’ve loved having some variety since we cook the majority of our meals.

Food at Norris Hot Springs

Hot Springs

An RV park at a hot springs? Does it get any better?! We’ve learned a lot about hot springs in the few days we’ve been here. First off, sitting in the hot spring is called “soaking” i.e. are you going to soak tonight? The answer is, of course, yes!

Think of it as a chemical free, always circulating, mineral rich, relaxing, amazing, all natural, pool at around 100 degrees. I won’t get into all the benefits of hot springs, but you can read about it here.

Norris Hot Springs

What I love even more about Norris Hot Springs versus some of the others I seen is that they’ve kept the surroundings natural. Everything is clean and organic and inviting without feeling ritzy or commercialized – the way a hot spring should be, if you ask me.

On the weekends, they have live music. You can grab dinner, a drink and soak all while listening to live music.

Norris Hot Springs Live Music

For my RVers who are looking to hang out with people while traveling, this (or somewhere similar) is a great place to stay. They have the RV park and things to do onsite. We’ve met some great people camping and have been able to grab a drink and soak in the hot spring at night.

If you’re RVing around Bozeman, Montana or northern Yellowstone, you should definitely book a few nights here. It’s definitely on our list of places to visit again.

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