About Us

Hi, welcome to The Simple Venture. We’re Luke and Laura, east coast natives, who moved into a 1994 RV with our three dogs. Currently, you’ll find us full-time RV living, exploring the US and learning to live simply.


Full-time RV living with dogs here we come!

We purchased this RV in the Spring of 2016 as a fun renovation project and future “vacation home.” After an extremely hot summer pulling everything out and putting it all back together, complete with gold drawer pulls, we fell in love with our ’94 vacation home.

A few months later, we decided to take the leap and leave our hometown to live minimally and live full-time in an RV.

Why Now?

For us, this trip is a once in a lifetime kind of thing, and we didn’t want to wait another 40 years when we’re retired. Before kids (to all you full time RVers with kids, let me know how you do it!), while we’re still young and both able to make money on the road, seemed like the best time to do it. So here we are!


The Full-time RV Living Plan

For 7 months, we will be traveling the US in the RV. The plan is to be mostly on the western side of the country. Growing up on the east coast, we really wanted to experience something different. There’s a list of National Parks we want to explore and cities we want to visit.

Growing up at the beach, I loved visiting the mountains but knew I couldn’t handle living there in the winter. Having a home on wheels allows us to always be “at home” regardless of our location and avoid seasons we don’t care to experience long-term.

After 7 months, we will return to Wilmington, NC and continue to live full-time in the RV. Exact location – TBD. But hey, we have time to figure it out.


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A little more about us…


Well, I love the idea of minimalism and living simply (we’ll see if I like the reality of living it!). My dogs are my babes. They’ve adjusted to life on the road like champs. I have a love for RV-brewing kombucha and that probiotic goodness. On our Simple Venture, I have goals to learn to watercolor, keep this RV tidy and learn to fly fish.

These days my life consists of yoga pants, a tiny cabinet for a closet, 32-ft of living space, french press coffee, hikes to waterfalls and mountain peaks, and a home office at a kitchen table that converts into a guest bed.

For me, working on the road includes developing brand identities, marketing strategies, and graphic design work.

Short Bucket List

Visit Yosemite. Check. and Check.
See the North Lights. ____
Kiss a Manatee, legally. ____



If you couldn’t tell from the pictures and blog posts, I have a love for the outdoors, specifically fishing and hunting. Good beer is at the top of the list.. nothing like a cold IPA.  Spending time with Laura and our dogs on this incredible journey isn’t too shabby either. You mix all that together and throw in a bunch of uncertainty and obstacles, and that’s my life right now. Most importantly, I’m staying grateful for the path the Lord has created for me and trying to honor Him everyday.

With The Simple Venture, I help clients with small business and start up consulting and strategy as well as social media marketing.

Short Bucket List

Start a business (or three). Check. 
Win a professional Redfish Tournament. ____
Catch a big brown trout on fly. ____
Turn Max into a bird dog. ____

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-Luke and Laura (and Hudson, Winnie, and Max)