This week flew by. We had some issues with the parking brake on the RV, so we stayed in Port Angeles near Olympic National Park longer than we expected. Not a huge deal; it’s just taking some time to get it fixed. The days kind of ran together since we were waiting and trying to plan our days around the part getting fixed. So this past week, here we go…

Port Angeles

Salt Creek Recreation Area is beautiful.

We stayed right on the ocean the whole time we were in Port Angeles. Yes, staying on the edge of a cliff with no parking brake or emergency is a little nerve racking at first, but we made it! Staying at RV parks and formal campgrounds isn’t our first choice (we prefer disbursed camping at BLM or National Forest Land), but a little human interaction and RV neighbors served us well this week.

RV camping outside of Olympic National Park

Being “stuck” meant we had extra time, and it was great hanging out with other people. All of our neighbors gave Luke beer – I think they felt bad for us after seeing Luke under the RV working on the brake. We joined our neighbor’s campfire one night. It was our first fire of the trip, which I guess proves RV living truly isn’t camping.

RVing with dogs

Oh – we also meet the human version of our dog, Max. For real, this kid’s name was Max, they’re the same age, same birthday month, both love giving hugs, full of energy and sweet as can be. It was hilarious.

Cape Flattery End of the World Trail

We made it to the End of the World (Trail).

On Thursday, we ventured out to the Hoh Rainforest in Olympic National Park. Surprisingly enough, it was sunny and slightly humid but not raining! We walked the Hall of Mosses Trail and the Spruce Nature Trail. The lush greenery and canopy of trees were truly enchanting. But the best part of the rainforest – we saw a mama bear and two cubs eating bark out of a tree. It was the cutest thing ever!

The diverse landscapes in Olympic National Park are incredible. You have a huge mountain range, then the rainforest, and then the coast. Getting from one side to the other requires some driving, but Olympic is definitely a National Park to check out.

After the Hoh Rainforest, we drove another two hours to Cape Flattery also known as the End of the World Trail. It’s only about a ¾ mile trail to the most northwestern part of the continental United States. The views are incredible. Standing on the edge you can see where the waves have formed caverns in the sides of the cliff. Seeing the horizon over the ocean never gets old. And the trail is a fun little pathway with unique trees and plants. If you’re ever on that side of the world, it’s worth the drive to reach the End of the World.

RV parking lot camping

We had a failed attempt to sleep in a parking lot.

Luke figured out a (safe) way to bypass the broken parking brake, so we could get on the road again. Port Angeles was a lovely town, but we didn’t want to get behind schedule any more than we already were. So on Friday, we headed towards Seattle. After spending $30 a night at Salt Creek, we opted to find a free place to park while visiting Seattle. The best option I could find was Muckleshoot Casino. The one review I found on RV Parky looked good, so we decided to go for.

We pulled up to the casino, and it was huge. A separate building just for Bingo, a parking deck and tons of people. The RV area was pretty crowded, but we were able to find a spot. Not long after we finished cooking dinner, we heard fireworks. And Hudson lost his mother-loving-mind. This dog hates fireworks and was already a little unsettled from travel day. That was fun. The fireworks started to slowdown, so we decided to check out the penny slot situation.

Did I mention this casino was huge? There was a nightclub situation in the center of the casino, and we ended up just people watching. Around 11pm, we walked back to the RV and noticed another round of fireworks was just getting started. We climbed on top of the RV roof to watch them for a bit.

Around midnight, the fireworks were still going strong, Hudson was absolutely freaking out, some of the people parked beside us didn’t make us feel super safe, and we wanted to sleep at some point. So at midnight, we hooked the Bronco back up to the RV and drove an hour to a fairground with RV parking. Our first attempt at parking lot camping was far from successful.

Rotie Cellars Wine Tasting

Seattle is worth a visit.

Saturday morning, we drove into Seattle for a wine tasting at Rotie Cellars tasting room. Maybe not the first thing you think do to in Seattle, but we’ll share more later in the week as to why you should!

After the wine tasting, we walked around Pike Market. It was so crowded due to July 4th weekend but neat nonetheless. We saw the flowers, the fish and the first Starbucks. I would love to go back when it’s not as crowded.

Today, we met up with some friends from home who live in Seattle for lunch. It was so nice to hang out with old friends and eat at a good local place. Visiting so many different places makes it difficult to find good local places, so it’s always nice to have a local’s suggestion.

Oh, And It’s Monday.

Yep, this post didn’t get up on Sunday because my laptop screen decided to stop working. We bought an HDMI cable this morning and hooked my laptop up to the TV – yay second monitor!

Since we’re here, I’ll give you a sneak peak at what’s to come this week.

We successful slept in a parking lot last night. The Cabela’s on the Washington/Idaho state line was actually a great pitstop.

We have a house guest! Our friend Hunter is staying with us for a few days. As we’ve said before, we love life on the road (and spending all of our time together), but we do miss our friends.

We going to do some fishing and hiking in the Coeur d’Alene area.

Hudson is going to freak. As excited as I was for 4th of July on the road, I’m really ready for it to be over so this dog will calm down.

Beside some work, we just have to get the RV brakes fixed. Oh, and the generator started smoking inside the RV, so who knows what’s up with that. Welcome to living in a 1994 RV. I’ll be over here diffusing lavender, trying not to panic with Hudson.