Moving out of our “normal-sized” house into a 32 foot RV (without slides) is one of the best decisions we’ve made. Sure living in an RV has its challenges, but full-time travel in an RV is, in our opinion, way better than living in a house.

Benefits of living in an RV

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23 Reasons Why Living in an RV is Better than Living in a House

  1. It moves. You can go almost anywhere.
  2. It’s cheaper than a house.
  3. There are fewer house projects.
  4. There’s less space to clean.
  5. You have fewer things in general. #minimalism
  6. If you don’t like your neighbors, you can easily move.
  7. You meet so many new people.
  8. You’ll make some pretty cool friends from all over the country.
  9. You get to live like a local wherever you go.
  10. There’s no yard work.
  11. Your backyard can be a National Park.
  12. You can have amazing views from your front door without buying real estate.
  13. You can harness the sun for electricity.
  14. You learn to reduce the amount of water you use and save the world.
  15. The temptation to buying things you don’t need is gone because there’s no room.
  16. You always have a conversation starter… I live full-time in an RV.
  17. The dogs have somewhere new to explore all the time.
  18. You get to spend (a lot of) time with the one you love.
  19. You get to visit amazing places that you wouldn’t normally vacation.
  20. You can watch the sunset while sitting on your roof.
  21. There’s no better way to see the country than driving through it.
  22. You get to try craft beer, wine and coffee from all sorts of places.
  23. You grow a lot when you totally uproot your life to live on the road.

23 Reason Living in an RV is Better than Living in a House

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