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There’s nothing better than camping for free right by the entrance of National Parks.

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5 Things We Miss From Home While Traveling Full-Time

With the view I have from our dinette/desk of the Badlands, it’s hard to say I miss anything enough to give up this RV lifestyle, but there are a few “comforts from home” that you just don’t get while traveling full-time in an RV. Long, Hot Showers Ask any RVer what’s...

Gluten-Free Restaurants in Boulder, CO

Contrary to popular belief, full-time RVing is not really a vacation. For the most part, we primarily cook in the RV and don’t “go-out” too often. But our time in Boulder has been as close to a vacation as it gets, which for us means doing touristy things and eating...

6 Things You Simply Must Do in Yellowstone National Park

We spent a little over 2 weeks camping outside of Yellowstone National Park. As the oldest National Park in the US, I’m sure you can imagine there’s so much to do and see. From hot springs to geysers to wildlife to the views, it a reminder of how beautiful and diverse...

Minimalism and the Road We Never Expected

It was 2012, and Luke and I had just bought our first house – 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and a garage. It was exactly what we needed. We each claimed a spare bedroom as our respective offices. Honestly, my “office” was half closet space, half art supplies. During the 4...

6 Ways to Save Water, Energy and Waste While RV Boondocking

There are several reasons we love RV boondocking, but there are a few challenges to overcome when living off the grid – like electricity, water and tank space to just name a few. These challenges provide a great opportunity to be creative and conserve resources. As we...

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